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Business Dashboard

The State of the Art in Business Intelligence

An article surveying the current state of the art in business intelligence and data visualization tools and frameworks. Explores the pros and cons of options for varying levels of expertise, technical backgrounds, and budgets.

historical rates chart

Historical Interest Rates

An animated history of the U.S. yield curve. Implements scroll controls to advance the camera using Three.js with react-three-fibre. Includes HTML5 video captions and sound.

yield curve chart

US Yield Curve

A 3D model of the US yield curve, with camera controls for rotation, panning and zooming. Toggle between daily or monthly data. Created with Three.js and D3.

stock market bubble chart

Stock Price Bubble Chart (WebGL)

A mobile-first UI/UX design that animates changes in stock price for 500 companies. The chart has responsive pan, zoom, and touch controls. Updates during market hours.

S&P 500 swarm plot

Stock Price Bubble Chart (SVG)

A swarm plot showing returns for all S&P 500 companies. Click a bubble for a company-specific chart. Best viewed on desktop. Updates during market hours.

Nivo swarm chart tutorial

Value at Risk with React and Nivo

This tutorial introduces the Nivo package, which leverages D3 to make beautiful responsive charts in React applications. We compare daily returns for 5 popular technology stocks and introduce the concept of value at risk (VaR) used in financial market risk management.

D3 swarm chart example

D3 Swarm Plot Tutorial

A guide to making a swarm or "beeswarm" chart using Javascript and D3. Written for those who already know some Javascript and the D3 basics.

kodak stock chart

Leaked Information and Kodak Stock

On July 27 2020, information was leaked on Twitter and Reddit that a "BIG announcement" concerning Kodak and the U.S. government would be coming the next day. These charts look at the timing of the leak and the wild week of trading that ensued.

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