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Recent Projects

2020 bubble chart

2020 Stock Market Recap

This animated visualization recaps the stock performance of S&P 500 companies at selected points in 2020. Rendering is done with Threejs and React-Three-Fiber. Best viewed on desktop.

Daily S&P 500 swarm plot

Daily Stock Market Bubble Chart

A swarm plot showing returns for all S&P 500 companies organized by sector (color). The size of each circle is correlated with the company's market capitalization. Updates during market hours.

Kodak stock chart

Leaked Information and Kodak Stock

On July 27, information was leaked on Twitter and Reddit that a "BIG announcement" concerning Kodak and the U.S. government would be coming the next day. These charts look at the timing of the leak and the wild week of trading that ensued.

Nivo swarm chart tutorial

Data Visualization in React

This tutorial introduces the Nivo package, which leverages D3 to make beautiful responsive charts in React applications. We compare daily returns for 5 popular technology stocks and introduce the concept of value at risk (VaR) used in market risk management.

Radiohead album radar charts

Radiohead's Musical Styles

A change of pace from the usual financial subject matter. These are radar charts comparing Radiohead's discography across five musical features that Spotify provides for each track.

Stock race chart

S&P 500 Race Chart

An animated bar chart showing the top 10 year-to-date (YTD) returns by company daily in 2020. Implemented in React with Nivo.

D3 swarm chart example

D3 Swarm Plot Tutorial

A guide to making a swarm or "beeswarm" chart using Javascript and D3. Written for those who already know some Javascript and the D3 basics.

Mobility trend chart

Mobility Data and Commodity Prices

Apple provides daily mobility data compared with baseline measurements from January. These charts look at price trends for certain commodities in the context of the COVID lockdown in the U.S.

Covid case chart

Covid-19 Trajectories by Country

A country-by-country comparison of Covid-19 case trajectories. The chart can be dynamically filtered for selected countries using a search field. Data is pulled from the Johns Hopkins University Github database.