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Give your design an edge

Chartfleau is a design agency specializing in data visualization for the web, social media, video and print.

web app

Web applications and dashboards

Data visualization is fundamental for UI/UX in web applications, dashboards, and machine learning products. We help you build amazing data-driven experiences and solve data engineering challenges.

social media

Data-driven visuals for social media

Showcase your business's data with eye-catching animations. Our videos have been featured in marketing campaigns on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.


Reports and Presentations

Automate tedious processes to create vibrant and professional data-focused reports for sharing with investors and clients in web-based or printable formats.


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Motion Design

Delight your users with dynamic and responsive animation - an intuitive and captivating way to show the passage of time alongside multidimensional data.

3D Graphics

Take advantage of modern web technology for performant GPU-accelerated 3D graphics, even on mobile devices. Interact with complex financial data such as yield curves and volatility surfaces.

Financial Visualizations

Present your data in interactive dashboards with an intuitive user interface and experience (UI/UX). Integrate with 3rd party API's to refresh data in real time.

A plan for any ambition

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Charts and Reporting

per month

For teams who want to outsource routine reporting tasks and automate their data visualization processes.
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  • Unlimited charts and revisions
  • Any display resolution and file type
  • Data-focused report design and delivery
  • Data transformation and aggregation
Video and Animation

per month

For teams who want to bring their data to life through animated visualizations for social media and marketing.
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  • Everything in the Charts and Reporting plan
  • Animated chart designs
  • Any video format and resolution
Web Development

per month

For building data-focused landing pages, dashboards and web applications for interacting with your data.
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  • Dashboards for the web
  • Data engineering
  • Connect with API's
  • Interact with data
  • Interface with machine learning models
  • Full ownership of code
Special Projects
Please schedule a call or use the contact form below to discuss time-sensitive projects or large development efforts.
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How does the pricing work?

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Once subscribed, you have access to a data visualization / web development expert on a monthly basis. There is no charge per hour worked, and there are no overage fees. Please book a call to discuss workloads exceeding 30 hours of monthly development time so that resources can be allocated accordingly.

How quickly do you deliver work?

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This depends on the complexity of the request. Please get in touch to discuss the specifics of your project and we'll evaluate whether Chartfleau would be a good fit. In general, routine requests can be automated for ultra-fast turnaround, whereas more complex web development projects require greater effort.

What technologies do you use?

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Work is mainly done with JavaScript, using data visualization libraries such as D3.js, and front-end frameworks such as React and Next.js. Python is also frequently put to use for data engineering tasks.

Can you produce PDF files?

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Sure, we can take data in any format and design a PDF for printing or email.

How do we assign work?

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You'll receive an invite to a board on the Trello platform that you can use to queue requests, share files, and manage projects in general. Email communication is also fine. For transferring large files such as video, we will use Google Drive or a platform of your choice.

What if I only have a single task?

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The minimum engagement is a 1-month plan, but you're free to pause or end the subscription at the end of the first month, and you're welcome to subscribe again at any time.

Do you offer discounts for annual subscriptions?

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Certainly! Please book a call to discuss.

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Chartfleau has been featured on the front page of Reddit with over 48,000 upvotes

This is actually beautiful data.
This is absolutely gorgeous.
Awesome! It’s rare when a new visual helps you understand something better and faster. Nice job!
This belongs in a Tufte book.
Wall Street should pay you! This is wonderful
I have never seen anything like this before. I think it's a fantastic way to convey a lot of information.
I've been subscribed to this subreddit for a long time, and I work in the data science / data visualization field. This is the single best data visualization I've ever seen, both on Reddit, and professionally. Fantastic way to present this information.
I really dig this visualization. An interesting take on the market.
Really clever idea. I loved watching this.
It is a crime that they don't cut to this every night on the news for 30 seconds between segments... I'll feel cheated if I can't see this every day after the bell rings.

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